Moulton BellinghamOur Experienced Legal Staff

An important factor in the firm’s continued success is the commitment to excellence of its paralegals, legal assistants, client support and technical staff members.

  • Carol Grubbs, Legal Assistant to Gerry Fagan
  • Carol Muessig, Legal Assistant to Duncan A. Peete, Cole A. Derks
  • Carrie Nance, Legal Assistant to Christopher Sweeney, Afton Ball, Adam Tunning
  • Cathy Stroeher, Receptionist
  • Cynthia Reichert, Legal Assistant to Doug James, Jordan Fitzgerald, Keturah Shaules, Bobbi Owen
  • Debra Braaten, Legal Assistant to Gerry Fagan, Adam J. Warren, Stephanie Baucus, Bryce Burke
  • Hannah Willson, Paralegal
  • Janell Villa, Legal Assistant to Duncan A. Peete, Cole A. Derks
  • Jessie Willoughby, Time and Billing-Accounts Receivable Manager
  • Kristin Hoke, Bookkeeper/Accounts Payable Manager
  • Lisa Thoms, Legal Assistant to Jeff G. Sorenson, Kathryn J. Maehl
  • Marcie Treumann, Legal Assistant to Thomas E. Smith, Brandon JT Hoskins, Morgan B. Hoyt
  • Tiffany Bell, Paralegal

With broad industry knowledge and experience in a variety of practice areas, we offer solutions that address each client's particular needs and objectives.

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